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Sacramento and Modesto Area

Legal Services for the Afghan Community

World Relief has a small team of legal practitioners. We can offer the following consultations services to individuals in the Afghan community in Northern California and the Central Valley.

Afghan Re-Parole Eligibility Screening Form >>
Family Reunification/Humanitarian Parole Consult >>
Afghan Parolee Assistance Consult >>
Petition for Family/Fiance(e) Abroad Consult >>

Afghan Re-Parole Screening

Individuals who need assistance applying for an extension of their initial two-year parole status can complete our screening form available in English and Dari.

Afghan Family Reunification/Humanitarian Parole (HP) Consultation

UPDATE NOVEMBER 18, 2021: Our office is no longer accepting humanitarian parole clients. Please read on for additional information.

This consultation is for people who wish to understand their potential options to allow for the entry or immigration of Afghan family members to the U.S. This appointment can be used to answer questions about:

  1. the HP process, requirements, and forms, and why HP does not appear to be a good option for the majority of individuals wishing to leave Afghanistan;
  2. other family-based immigration options;
  3. refugee reunification for the spouses and under-21-years-old children of refugees or asylees in the U.S.

The consultation is 30 minutes and is free.

Please note the following before booking an appointment:

We are not accepting additional HP cases because of processing issues and the high likelihood of denial. We are willing to answer any questions you may have about HP, but will not take your case.

We are also not currently reviewing self-prepared HP applications.

Evacuated Afghan Screening

This screening in Dari, Pashto, or English is for people who were evacuated from Afghanistan and have been paroled into the U.S. These consultations intend to assist you in understanding your immigration options to transition from parolee status to a more permanent immigration status in the U.S. You do not have to be a World Relief client to book a screening call.  After the screening, an attorney will review your information and our office will follow up concerning available services.  Many services, such as asylum or Temporary Protected Status (TPS), are not immediately available and eligible individuals are added to our wait list.

This screening is 30 minutes and is currently free.

Please note the following before booking an appointment:

Even if pathways to status are identified, WR may not be able to take your case because of limited capacity.

Petition for Family/Fiance(e) Abroad Consultation

This consultation is our standard consultation for U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents who wish to file immigration petitions for relatives who are in Afghanistan or other countries.

This consultation is 45 minutes and costs $50.

Please note the following before booking an appointment:

While petitions can be filed for relatives in Afghanistan, unless they can travel to another country outside Afghanistan, they may not be able to ultimately benefit from the petition.

U.S. citizens can file for spouses, fiancés, children, parents, and siblings and siblings’ families, but processing times and visa availability vary greatly based on who is petitioning and who the beneficiary is.

U.S. legal permanent residents can file for spouses and children, but processing times and visa availability vary greatly based on who is petitioning and who the beneficiary is.

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