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Learn to serve the vulnerable in a safe and inclusive space

A Collective E-Learning Space for Individuals and Teams

We know you care about the lives of those in vulnerable situations and long to serve them in your community and around the world. Yet, finding the right resources and tools you need to learn how to help can be nearly impossible. Here’s the good news, we have a solution!

The Workshop. The World Relief Workshop is a collective space for individuals and teams to connect, learn and grow so you can better serve people in your community and around the world. You will have the opportunity to expand your knowledge through:



You’ll have access to easy-to-use, diverse classes. Taught by experts in their respective fields, you’ll learn in a safe and inclusive environment.



You’ll learn how to maximize your innate giftings and passions from experienced leaders, gaining unique-to-you insights.



You’ll join a community of passionate individuals, fostering partnerships and sharing in discoveries that lead to mutual growth and transformation.

"This was a great collection of videos and more thorough training than I received even for an online teaching position I have."

Kristi, ESL Volunteer, Resiliency Program participant, translated from original language

"I would recommend this to a friend! I love that this training encourages a strengths based perspective, and gives practical advice on how to best engage with these youth."

Katie, Youth Mentor and Tutor

"The engagement and listening tools were very helpful and insightful. The case studies putting the tools into real situations was also very helpful."

Olevia, Youth Mentor and Tutor, single mother in our preferred communities program

"I so appreciate World Relief offering us online training, that we can do on our own schedule. Especially helpful was the short unit on how the Learner-centered approach (our goal with refugees) differs from the traditional Teacher-centered approach!"

Shari, ESL Tutor

The Workshop Courses

The Workshop courses are designed to create a learning community where worldviews can be discussed challenged and where individuals can gain skills and knowledge. Each class has a different focus. You can create your own schedule of courses depending on what and how you want to learn.

Start Here: 3 foundational courses
World Relief Orientation Course
Introduction to World Relief Sacramento
Navigating Friendships
Navigating Friendships
Friendships: Navigating Religious Differences
Navigating the Effects of Trauma
Friendships: Navigating the Effects of Trauma
Embracing Cultural Differences
Friendships: Embracing Cultural Differences
Embracing Socio Economic Differences
Friendships: Embracing Socio-Economic Differences
Career Mentoring Course Background
Career Mentoring
Welcoming the Stranger Course
Welcoming the Stranger: A Small Group Experience
welcoming the stranger course
Welcoming The Stranger: Individual
Youth Tutoring Course Background
Youth Tutoring and Mentoring
ESL Tutoring
ESL Tutoring

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