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Free Remote DACA Assistance for Californians

UPDATE ON FEBRUARY 23, 2023: We currently have State funding to cover the $495 free for DACA renewal applications for income-eligible individuals through the month of June. Check requests take approximately three weeks, so it is important to start this process with us well in advance of your current DACA expiration. World Relief remains unable to take initial DACA clients due to a federal court decision issued in July 2021. We remain able to serve clients with DACA renewals though are not currently assisting with and DACA-related advance parole clients. While we will be able to serve income-eligible DACA renewal clients for free, advance parole services are not covered by our grant and will require a fee of $330.

To get screened for DACA RENEWAL eligibility and free services, click here.
To book a $50 consultation regarding applying for DACA-related advance parole, click here.



This is a difficult time for everyone, especially undocumented individuals and families. While our office has formally closed for in-person appointments, we at World Relief want to do what we can to help DACA applicants maintain their status. The State of California has provided us another round of DACA renewal assistance funding, meaning we can prepare and submit applications for free for income-eligible individuals. Because we are currently not holding in-person appointments, it means we only provide the services remotely. Please read the following overview to get a sense of what to expect. Then, if you’re ready to apply, click the relevant link below.

How do I know if I qualify for free services and the $495 fee assistance?

Any one of the following possibilities qualifies you for free assistance:

- You are a full-time student

- Your household income is at or below 250% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines (To assess, visit a site like this one that has a table that shows household size and a column showing income levels below 250% of the poverty guidelines. For example, if you are married and have a child, your household size is three and your combined household income would have to be $57,575 or less to have your application fee covered. Do not count partners, parents, siblings, or other relatives as a part of your household unless they are listed as dependents on your tax return.)

NOTE: We request $495 checks from the State after your DACA renewal forms are fully completed and signed. Because of the State’s check writing process, it will take at least three weeks for us to receive the check for your case in our office. $495 checks can only be requested once per week on Tuesdays. If you do not complete your submission with us by the weekly Tuesday cut-off, it will set your case back an additional week. We cannot expedite check requests because of upcoming DACA expiration dates. If we request a check and you abandon the process with our office, we will refuse to serve you in the future.

What to expect

If you are renewing your DACA, you will first complete an online screening form. After we review it and make an eligibility determination, we’ll send you another email with additional instructions and electronic forms to complete online. We will then have a video review appointment where we will go over the draft forms with you. After this, a legal practitioner on staff will complete a final review. You will need to upload your signatures for the final forms. We will then request a $495 check for your case.

For DACA renewal applicants who qualify for State assistance with the $495 fee, we will mail your applications directly to USCIS. If your income is too high to qualify for free services but you still wish to use our services, we charge $220 for the full renewal service.

You’ll need the following skills in order to complete the process with our office:

  1. Complete and e-sign required documents and upload scans of required documents. If you don’t have a scanner at home, we recommend the app Genius Scan (available for free from the App Store and Google Play store)
  2. Log into our client portal and fill out questionnaires
  3. Book and attend an online video review call over Zoom
  4. Send us scanned copies of your signature that we will include with your submission

Unfortunately, if you do not think you can complete these operations, we will not be able to serve you until our coronavirus-related restrictions on meeting face-to-face are relaxed.

If you have any questions about the process or eligibility, please contact Frida Callejas at (916) 707-5806.

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