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Free Remote DACA Assistance for Californians

UPDATE ON MARCH 15, 2021: World Relief is again taking on new initial DACA clients, in addition to DACA renewal, or DACA-related advance parole clients. We will be able to serve income-eligible initial DACA and DACA renewal clients for free, though advance parole services are not covered by our grant and will require a free of $300. We do not currently have funding to cover the $495 free for DACA applications.

To be screened for INITIAL DACA eligibility and free services, click here.

To get screened for DACA RENEWAL eligibility and free services, click here.

To book a $50 consultation regarding applying for DACA-related advance parole, click here.



This is a difficult time for everyone, especially undocumented individuals and families. While our office has formally closed for in-person appointments, we at World Relief want to do what we can to help DACA applicants apply for the first time or maintain their status. The State of California has provided us another round of DACA renewal assistance funding, meaning we can prepare and submit applications for free for income-eligible individuals, but we cannot cover the $495 government fee. Because we are currently not permitted to have in-person appointments, it means we only provide the services remotely. Please read the following overview to get a sense of what to expect. Then, if you’re ready to apply, click the relevant link below.

What to expect
Whether you are an initial DACA client or renewing your DACA, you will first complete an online screening form. After we review it and make an eligibility determination, we’ll send you another email with additional instructions and electronic forms to complete online. If you already have DACA, we also request that you send us a scanned copy of a past DACA application so we and pre-fill your new forms. We will then have a video review appointment where we will go over the draft forms with you. After this, the attorney on staff will complete a final review.

NOTE: For initial DACA applicants, our office will mail your application to USCIS on your behalf and we will remain the attorney of record for your case. You will have to scan, mail, or drop off your required documentation, sign and scan the required form pages, and email them back to us. After that, we package everything and submit it. You are responsible for mailing or providing the check or money order for the $495 fee to our office.

For DACA renewal applicants, we are now requiring you to mail your applications to USCIS once completed. If you wish for our office to remain the attorney of record for your case and submit the forms on your behalf, we will charge $150.

Regardless of whether you are an initial or renewing DACA applicant, you’ll need the following skills in order to complete the process:

    1. Upload files to the internet
    2. Scan documents: If you don’t have a scanner at home, we recommend the app Genius Scan (available for free from the App Store and Google Play store)
    3. Attend an online video review call

Unfortunately, if you do not think you can complete these operations, we will not be able to serve you until coronavirus-related restrictions on meeting face-to-face are relaxed.

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