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MFR Square
Pedal to Resettle in Santa Rosa, Calif. on Saturday, June 17, 2023.

Moving through the summer to empower refugees

Join the virtual movement and make a difference in the lives of refugees seeking safety and a fresh start. Together, we can raise vital funds to provide shelter, education, and support services for refugees in need. Let's move side by side, demonstrating solidarity and compassion for those forced to flee their homes.


Move to empower refugees. 

Move to welcome. 


While there are endless ways you can move, here are some ideas inspired by refugee stories and statistics:

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Run a 5K on World Refugee Day, June 20th


Whether you’re a seasoned runner or just starting out, running a 5k is a fantastic way to spread awareness of your mission while challenging yourself. (Bonus points: Do it on World Refugee Day)

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Swim 2K over the month of July


In the movie "The Swimmers," we see the harrowing journey of two sisters who swam part of the Aegean Sea to save others on their raft attempting to reach safety. Swim to spread awareness of their stories.

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Walk 70 miles over the whole summer


It’s estimated that several thousand migrants walk roughly 70 miles through the perilous Darien Gap to get from South to Central America. Walk 70 miles this month to show solidarity with those who have no other choice but to make this journey.


Frequestly Asked Questions

Do I participate by myself or with a group?

It’s up to you! Even if you are participating alone, you are collectively walking, running, or cycling with participants across the Sacramento region! But if you feel so inclined to gather a group to spread love and awareness, that will only increase the fun in our opinion!

What's the benefit of participating virtually?

By participating virtually, you can flexibly accumulate miles by running, walking, or cycling at times and places that work for you. Set goals for how many miles you hope to accomplish, how much money you are hoping to raise, or any other personal goal you may have -- even fitness related!  

While it is not required, a great way participants in Miles for Refugees can be “connected” is by tagging World Relief Sacramento social media accounts, direct messaging any pictures you would like to share, or using our event hashtags on Instagram.

@worldreliefsacramento #milesforrefugees

Is there a set fundraising goal?

You are not personally expected to raise a certain amount of money. We are grateful for every hard-earned dollar that participants are able to give and raise. All the funds you raise directly impact vital programs for refugees arriving in Sacramento.

In honor of our 35th anniversary, your fundraising goal will automatically list at $350 unless you choose to change it! 

How do I log my miles?

On your Classy fundraising page, you can post updates to your progress. We encourage you to post your activities and photos if you have them! 

Your supporters will get notified when you share an update!

Every dollar counts.

Each contribution to Miles for Refugees extends our capacity to impact refugee lives here in Sacramento. Your donation provides essential resources for refugee resettlement programs, offering hope, stability, and opportunities for a brighter future to those rebuilding their lives amidst adversity.

Refugee women and child

Want to be a Miles for Refugee event sponsor? Find more info and sign up to sponsor here!

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