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The Gift of Transportation: Mr. Beast Awards World Relief Triad Family an Electric Bicycle

Transportation is a necessary step towards stability for a refugee family resettling in the U.S. Carlos’s family is no exception. Carlos enjoyed working as a sales rep in the capital city of Guatemala. To maneuver through traffic, he used a motorcycle for years to get to and from appointments. His wife worked at a local church, and they lived out their Christian faith in their community. They built a life in Guatemala and were free to navigate their hometown as they needed using various modes of transportation. All that changed when corruption and increased violence impacted their community,

“It was because of extortion. Men began to demand money from me and my family, and if we did not pay, they threatened to kill us.”

Carlos and his family had to flee. They left the life they knew behind and were now refugees who would have to rebuild their lives again in a new country. But by God’s grace, they would not have to do it alone.   

World Relief Triad and our community partners helped prepare the way. Donors gave furniture, a volunteer team helped set up their home, and another team greeted them at the airport. “You can really see their heart for people,” Carlos said when talking about receiving support from staff and volunteers. Now unpacked and beginning again, Carlos and his family needed the freedom to navigate their new city. Thankfully, God was already on the move in a unique way. 

A Surprise From YouTuber Mr.Beast

Photo of a man riding a new electric bike

Beast Philanthropy, the philanthropic arm of YouTuber Mr. Beast, ran an electric bike giveaway for those who would be empowered through transportation. Beast Philanthropy heard about World Relief Triad’s work and awarded Carlos an electric bike from Lectric eBikes! ” I just want to thank God, Mr. Beast, and World Relief for this opportunity,” Carlos said. ” I am so happy for this gift,” Carlos told us as he took a spin on the new electric bicycle. The gift was another step towards making the Triad home, and more than that; it was a way for him to get to the job that he and his wife begin on Monday.  

At World Relief Triad, we are excited to see the support of our community for our immigrant and refugee neighbors. Together with volunteers, donors, dedicated staff, and YouTubers, we can make a change that lasts.  

Donate items today that will go directly to newly arrived families and join us as we welcome and serve those in vulnerable situations. 

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