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Impact Report: Key Metrics from the 2021 Year in Review

This year, the World Relief Chicagoland community continues walking alongside immigrants and refugees throughout Chicagoland by providing vital services through a community of staff, volunteers, church partners, grant funders, business leaders, and other individuals.

In 2021, we remembered the African proverb: To go fast, go alone. To go far, go together.

These words inspired the theme of the 2021 Year in Review, our annual report. In the Year in Review, there is a central idea of ordinary moments creating a movement of change. With that in mind, we believe that the numbers we share are not themselves the impact. Rather, they are small indicators supporting the long-term change that we hope to see.

What is evidence of impact?

What is the value of welcoming immigrants and refugees? Of providing vital services, offering friendship, and connecting people within their new community? At World Relief Chicagoland, we believe this mission is important. Why? Because every person has immeasurable value. Above all, creating a welcoming community emphasizes the worth of each individual.

With that in mind, evidence of impact comes in many forms. It could be the success of a refugee working on job skills and gaining a career promotion. The pride of parents whose child graduated from high school. Or perhaps it’s a family able to save for their first house. It could even come from seeing someone building meaningful, lasting relationships within their neighborhood.

With that mindset, numbers are a very small part of the story. However, World Relief Chicagoland’s key program metrics do reveal something important. In fact, they show that through collaboration and community, we can accomplish far more together than anyone could alone.

Key Metrics

Together, in 2021, we created a movement of change – serving more than 6,500 people across Chicagoland. The needs are great. But so is our collective power for good. In fact, 2021 shows us that.

Thank You for Being a Partner in Impact…
  • 1,547 volunteers invested their time
  • 1,111 individual donors gave financially
  • 120+ staff labored together to serve the community
  • 220+ businesses joined in creating impact
  • 20+ foundations funded programs for long-lasting change
…And Supporting Life-Changing Programs
  • Immigration Legal Services served 2,859 people with legal information, counsel, and representation
  • Immigrant Family Services reached 3,419 people with vital services in mental health and wellness, employment and career advancement, case management, children and youth, and more
  • Education Programs equipped 511 people through English classes, technology support, and other skills

Read More

To learn more, check out World Relief Chicagoland’s 2021 Year in Review. This report showcases key metrics along with powerful stories. But most importantly, we believe that it reflects a bigger picture; a picture in which ordinary moments contribute to a movement of change.

Click here to read the Year in Review.

As you read, we hope that stories and metrics communicate evidence of change, that you see indicators of hope, and finally, that you walk away knowing the value of creating welcoming communities, together.

Because individual actions truly can create extraordinary impact.

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