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Culturally Appropriate Food Pantry

Ethnic foods help to ease some of the culture shock that refugees experience when they first arrive in the Quad Cities. Their cultures often rely on produce that is exclusive to their heritage and difficult to find in conventional U.S. grocery stores, like Walmart or Hy-Vee. With the help of River Bend Food Bank and local churches that grow produce during the summer, our food pantry provides the familiar fruits, vegetables, herbs, and other ingredients necessary for a balanced, familiar diet.

For our food pantry, we also shop at refugee-owned markets for Burmese, African, and Afghan foods, which include whole fish and chicken, rice, fufu, bamboo, eggs, spices, and sauces.



It costs around $1500 to purchase enough food for everyone who needs it. If your church or organization is interested in a food pantry sponsorship, please contact

Shahad Taha, Community Engagement Specialist


Upcoming Dates

As of 2023, our food pantry is open on the third Monday of each month from 9:00AM - 11:00AM.

Food is picked up, dropped off, and prepared for distribution on the Friday before the pantry opens.


Preparation: September 15th

Distribution: September 18th


Preparation: October 13th

Distribution: October 16th


Preparation: November 17th

Distribution: November 20th


Preparation: December 15th

Distribution: December 18th

"You have helped me obtain direction, support, affection and the necessary tools to start a new life here in the USA. I could not have reached my goals so quickly without your help. Thank you very much!"
- Ysbelia, WR Client

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