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Economic Employment and Opportunity

Grace Fitzpatrick, Employment Manager

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Refugees and other immigrants bring incredible skills and experience with them to the United States from their home countries, and they are often eager to find a job to support their families as soon as they arrive. Finding employment in the United States, however, can be an overwhelming challenge and an uphill battle for many.

Unfortunately, immigrants often face challenges adapting their skills to the US workforce and the barriers to entry can be significant - whether due to language, education or cultural obstacles.

But we want to change that.

Employment Partners

Today, World Relief helps prepare thousands of immigrants for work in their communities through job placement, workplace education and training, financial literacy training, economic empowerment and resiliency, and ongoing career counseling.

We also partner with a vast network of employers who value the experiences of immigrants. If you are an employer interested in hiring our clients, you can learn more here.

Did you know?

Clients who seek a job through World Relief, on average, earn a wage 184% above the Federal minimum wage, and those who engage in our Career Pathways activities see a 33% increase in wage by the end of the program.

Quad Cities staff members.


“In a labor market where it is challenging to find skilled dedicated craftsmen, World Relief Memphis is an excellent resource to find eager dedicated employees. A little patience and training on the employers part and they will discover people that have rich and diverse backgrounds. World Relief Memphis is a great partner and easy to work with, whether providing new employees or assisting in the transition for the employee. World Relief continues to provide a critical component to the growth of Slater Lumber and Millwork."

- Bennet Slater, Slater Lumber and Millwork

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