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Refugee Simulations

(Gonzaga graduate students debrief after simulation). 

What is it?

Experience a refugee family’s journey to America. Feel the loss of control and mounting pressure as your family group undergoes questioning during a UN medical screening then are interviewed by a USCIS officer for the opportunity to be resettled in the United States. Be immersed in an unknown language as you struggle to communicate and be understood. You’ve already been in a border country’s refugee camp for several years. You want to return to your home country but it is impossible. If you go back, you risk persecution or death.. Will you be approved for resettlement? Will your family have the opportunity to begin a new life in a country of refuge?

World Relief has hosted refugee simulations for hundreds of university students, educators, churches and community organizations. The goal is for participants to leave with a fresh understanding of who “refugees” are, why they flee, the countries individuals are currently coming from, and the process many undergo before coming to the United States.

”Thank you so much for allowing us the experience of the simulation. It was not at all what I was expecting, and I'm so glad I had this opportunity. It makes me think about refugees in a whole new light and it breaks my heart with the intense fear that they face.”


Student Teacher-Whitworth


“I had no idea just how long refugees spent in camps, trying to get their life back. I was shocked by the treatment that people have to go through during interviews and screenings. It was so impactful for me to see the stressful situations they go through. I will be able to take this experience and use the knowledge I gained to help students I encounter in my future classroom have support and give them the grace and comfort they need to help them succeed and hopefully feel safe. The experience was sad, but I believe that feeling will transfer to a deep desire for connection with any refugees I encounter.”


Teacher Candidate-Whitworth

Programs Available:


  1. Two Hour Experience includes:
  • Big Picture introduction to refugee resettlement
  • Three interactive stations
  • Group debrief
  • Cost: $35/participant


  1. Simulation + Perspectives speaker – hear a refugee share their personal journey
  • Cost: $35/participant + $100 speaker free


  1. Perspectives speaker – hear a refugee share their personal journey
  • Cost: $100


To schedule a Simulation for your group, contact Contact Stacy Ott

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