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Refugee Simulations

What is a refugee simulation?

A refugee simulation is an an immersive experience designed for groups to step into the shoes of a refugee and to teach empathy. The Spokane region is home to more than 10,000 residents who arrived as refugees, representing more than 51 countries around the world. The chance to learn through this immersive storytelling experience connects Spokane residents of all kinds to the stories of families resettled in Spokane. It also creates empathy, making all of us better teachers, students, friends and neighbors.

Participants are grouped into families from various countries before going through a mock interview by UN Officials, a feeding station, a medical screening clinic, and a language acquisition class. Families must pass interviews at each of these stations on their journey to freedom.

"I take my principal certification students to the World Relief Refugee Simulation because it provides them an opportunity to develop understanding and compassion for refugee children and their families. My students have stressed how important this experience is for them and recommend I keep it as a component of my program."

- Dr. Steven L. Smedley, Whitworth University

"Attending the refugee simulation at World Relief was both an educational and emotionally moving experience. It changed the way I view the resettlement process and further deepened my compassion for refugee individuals and families."

- Julie Robinson, Lutheran Community Services NW

Program Details

  • Refugee Simulations take place at World Relief Spokane, 1522 North Washington, Suite 200
  • The three hour experience includes:
    •      -an introduction to refugee resettlement
    •      -four interactive stations
    •      -group debrief
  • Cost is $35/person
  • Optimal group size is 20-30
  • Recommended for high school and university classes, churches, social service providers, employers and anyone wanting to learn more about refugees.


To schedule a Simulation for your group, contact Contact Christina Cavanaugh

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