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Community Ambassadors

Trusted Leaders from refugee and other immigrant communities are leading the way


Obstacles & Challenges

Refugee and other immigrant communities face unique obstacles both internally and externally. Sociological concerns like racism, cultural and lingustic barriers, political culture, and capital resources are major barriers to these communities.

Community Solutions

Elevate leaders from the refugee & other immigrant communities to positions of public leadership. Educate non-ethnic communities in Spokane about immigrants and the immigrant experience in order to build empathy.

Program Assets

Community Ambassadors are first and foremost connectors. They are uniquely positioned to assess needs within their own communities, and route those in need through existing support structures in Spokane.

CAs operate within the existing network of World Relief Spokane. They are backed by 35 staff, a network of 100 local human services organizations, 323 volunteers and a growing network of 706 donors.

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