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Economic Empowerment

Refugees and other immigrants bring incredible skills and experience with them to the United States from their home countries and are often eager to find a job to support their families as soon as they arrive. World Relief Spokane helps prepare refugees and immigrants for work through job placement, workplace education, financial literacy training, and ongoing career counseling.


This only works because of employers like you.

World Relief partners with a network of employers who value the experiences of immigrants and the skills they bring, resulting in a strong, vibrant workforce.

It’s a triple win: Your company benefits through hiring hard-working candidates, knowing that World Relief is standing behind them. Refugees and immigrants benefit by integrating into your workforce and earning a good wage. And the community benefits through economic growth.

Whether you're searching for a highly educated professional or a highly skilled laborer, World Relief can assist you with your staffing needs.

We offer employers the following resources:

  • Employee pre-screening
  • Employment authorization documents - our clients will not require any type of employment sponsorship
  • Best practices resources for employers
  • Pre-onboarding assistance
  • Language interpreters to assist in onboarding process
economic empowerment

Last year, World Relief, Spokane helped 254 clients find work in over 77 local businesses. Let us help you with your staffing needs.

Questions? Contact Jared Booker at or Virginia Hinch at

Downtown Spokane Partnership

"Jimmy's been great. He's a hard worker and picks things up quickly even though there's a language barrier. He's been an asset to the team!"

-Paul Lower, Downtown Spokane Partnership

Jimmy and Paul, VP of Downtown Spokane Partnership.

Tru by Hilton

"Paula and Jonathon were the first we hired. They are good employees and they want to work. For us it's all about the culture of the hotel. It's a bright and fun environment."

-Grant Guinn, Tru by Hilton

Refugee employees at Tru by Hilton


"People are people. All my experience has been positive...They give us more than we give them. I am just happy to be a part of it!"

-Cheyenne Abele, Sodexo

Sodexo employee and manager.

K-L Manufacturing

"They want to work. They're eager to learn. Whatever challenges they've come from, they are trying to make a better life."

-Cyndi Pierce, K-l Manufacturing

K-L Manufacturing managers and employees.

Nazir and his manager Jaime

"We have a lot of great employees that came from World Relief. They've all turned our amazing. Everyone's sharp, here on time, reliable...and it's great to work with Nazir."

-Jaime Martinez, Rockwood Retirement Community

Nazir and Jaime at Rockwood Retirement Community.

Alexey and his manager Ron.

"It's hard to find a Toyota guy...Oleksii is way over qualified for what he is doing. I know what he is capable of, and I am willing to invest."

-Ron Passmore, Toyota Findley

Alexey and his manager Rob at Toyota.

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