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We are looking for talented, compassionate, and collaborative people to partner with us as we welcome refugees and immigrants with holistic services that will help them root and flourish in our community.

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Currently we are not accepting applications for AmeriCorps.

We partner with AmeriCorps and Literacy Volunteers of Illinois (LVI) to offer full and part-time positions in our Aurora, Carol Stream, and Chicago offices. See our open positions and how to apply below.



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Preventing, Not Just Treating, HIV/AIDS Must Be Our Priority

By worldrelief | August 7, 2012

by Joanna Mayhew “The cusp of the end of AIDS.” That was theme echoed repeatedly at the International AIDS Conference last week in Washington, DC. The enthusiasm was palpable. The 23,767 participants from 183 countries represented the best minds addressing the epidemic around the world. Optimism abounded regarding the new era of using “treatment as…

Changing the Tide Together: The AIDS Crisis in 2012

By worldrelief | July 23, 2012

I often think about Mweni—the quiet three-year-old child of Ruth who was dying of AIDS when I first met her in Kenya in 1993.  Thinking the exposure to a dying parent would be too difficult for Mweni, her aunties usually kept her away. But Ruth begged her to come every day to see her and…

Photography from South Sudan

By worldrelief | July 18, 2012

Our friend and photographer, Kate Magee, recently traveled with us to South Sudan. And if you asked her how the trip went, I am sure you would be asked to mark off a date on your calendar for coffee and many stories of long car rides, laughing mothers, and photo sessions under the hot Sudanese…

A Glimpse of South Sudan

By worldrelief | June 27, 2012

It felt a little bit like trespassing, walking up to the clinic in Mirmir, but the gate was open, so we showed ourselves around.  The neat U-shaped facility had four or five rooms on a single level; and staring through the keyholes of the locked doors, I could tell that some were consultation rooms, some…

Remembering Pastor Salabarria

By worldrelief | June 20, 2012

by Tom Willey, first director of World Relief – Miami, opened in 1980 There is a name that should never be forgotten in the history of the Miami Office of World Relief: Manuel B. Salabarria.  He was God’s man for the time.  On May 5th 1980, I was asked to open the Miami Office of…

We are still human beings

By worldrelief | June 14, 2012

by Lynne HybelsIt is Sunday morning before church. If we left Congo today, we would feel that we have received what we were meant to receive on this trip. Undoubtedly, we will receive more in the days to come, but it will all be bonus. Yesterday, we fell into the pure center of why we…

Lynne Hybels Speaks on Peace in Kenya

By worldrelief | June 6, 2012

By Allison SchroederWait a minute…Isn’t this the Ten for Congo trip? Why Kenya? One of the hardest things about being an advocate for a particular place — especially a place as complex as the Democratic Republic of Congo — is that you have to take into consideration difficult things like international relations, globalization, and regional…

Lynne Hybels in Congo with World Relief

By worldrelief | June 4, 2012

By Allison Schroeder In just a matter of days, World Relief in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) will welcome a team of women led by Lynne Hybels. Lynne has been an advocate for the Congo since she traveled there with us in 2010. This time, there will be six women joining Lynne on the…

A trip in Burundi

By worldrelief | May 24, 2012

by Michael Beeman I have a card from my grandmother, on the front of which, it is written, “Grandson, life will take you to some faraway places.”, and on the inside, “Know that wherever you go, love goes with you”.  It is true.  During a trip to a Care Group outside of Gitega, southeast of…

A quiet, yet brave mother

By worldrelief | May 12, 2012

At her upstairs apartment, Fardowsa greeted us at the door — a young Somali lady, tall, dressed in a flowery hijab. She invited us into the living room of the apartment she shares with her mother, Rukiya, who was seated on the carpet and covered with a pile of blankets in the chill of February.…

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