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Our Mission

At World Relief, our mission is to boldly engage the world’s greatest crises in partnership with the church.

Our Mission:

At World Relief, our mission is to boldly engage the world’s greatest crises in partnership with the church.

Our Vision:

We envision thriving, welcoming communities where families flourish, and people experience restorative relationships with God, their neighbors, themselves, and all of creation.

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Our Values

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The Example of Jesus

as we serve those who are suffering from poverty and injustice, regardless of color, belief or gender, as part of God's plan to redeem, reconcile and restore the world. We seek to follow Jesus by living holy, humble and honest lives individually and corporately.

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The Local Church

as a primary agent of bringing peace, justice, and love to a broken world. The integrated "word" and "deed" dimensions of God's mandate, as evidenced through the church's integral, or transformational, mission are necessary to bringing reconciliation and restoration to God, others, and the environment.

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whether staff, volunteers, clients, program participants, donors and partners, as important actors in bringing peace, love, and justice. We recognize and affirm World Relief as a multicultural organization and seek to understand and respect the multiplicity of cultures among us. As we seek change in the world, we recognize that we, too, are changed, by those we serve.

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Excellence/Continuous Improvement

in all our program initiatives and support services, following best practices and standards in a manner that is sustainable to the community from a spiritual, social and economic perspective. We also seek to apply our human and financial resources in such ways that maximize impact and sustain benefits to the greatest number of people.

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by seeking, facilitating and promoting collaboration among all stakeholders including local governments, the worldwide church, mission agencies, other NGOs and the business community, recognizing partnership as essential to serving the most vulnerable. We believe each expression of the worldwide Church has a unique and interdependent role in bringing peace and justice to the world.

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by prioritizing the leadership and participation of those we serve, whether people, churches or local institutions as critical to creating and sustaining change. We seek to catalyze a movement of worldwide volunteers to multiply impact, and we value capacity-building as a means towards that end.

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as the priority and foundation for accomplishing our mission.

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