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Getting to Know a New Home

Micah and Susan Mhindu came to the Quad Cities through an organization called O’Grady Peyton International.

This organization partnered with our office to help families get settled into our community prior to going to work for Genesis Health Systems in various nursing programs.

The program is headed by our Church Mobilizer, Kaylee Fisher. Families in the program come from countries such as Jamaica, Zimbabwe, and Nigeria.

At a Meet & Greet, we discovered that Micah had been an Agriculture teacher in Zimbabwe. Because our Quad City area is home to John Deere and a huge farming community, we thought Micah would enjoy learning about farming in Iowa.

The family visited Cinnamon Ridge Farms (CRF) in Donahue, Iowa. They got to see the automated systems CRF uses to milk and feed their Jersey dairy cows, and make cheese.

Along the drive, Micah and Susan were impressed by how many acres of corn and beans they saw on the way.

If you are inspired to help our World Relief clients see the Quad Cities, consider becoming a volunteer and signing up for our Friendship/Visiting program. Contact Julie Hornbuckle 563-529-2084 or visit our website or fill out a volunteer application here.

Cinnamon Ridge Farms Photo Gallery

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