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Giving Thanks

2022 has been a long year. Too often, it feels as though the crises are never-ending, leaving many of us sad, frustrated and confused. When feeling overwhelmed, it’s important to take a step back and remember the things that heal us. Here’s what our team is grateful for this year.

I’m thankful for my girls’ amazing teachers, and especially thankful for Black Hawk Area Special Education.


I’m thankful to work for a pro pregnancy and pro momma office.


I am thankful for God’s goodness to me, for good health, for my family and friends. I am thankful for my daughter and being able to see her grow, and most of all, I am grateful for being alive today.  


I’m grateful for all my coworkers. Since I started working with them, I’ve learned a lot from them. Lastly, I’m grateful for being able to work at WRQC because it gives me the chance to serve and help our people. I feel like I’ve made a small difference in someone’s life, and that’s the greatest gift you can give to some.


I am thankful for God’s blessing upon my family. 


I’m thankful for the upcoming arrival of our first child and a work environment that’s been so supportive of me and Beth as we plan for her arrival.


I am thankful to Allah (God) for giving me life this year.


I am thankful that I get to work every day with a staff that feels like family and for volunteers who pour so much of themselves into our families, ensuring they feel safe and cared for.


I’m thankful for my husband’s unwavering support, to have a group of friends who can uplift one another from miles away, and to have a job where I can watch as my work makes a difference. I’m also grateful for my genuinely kind colleagues, who offer wordless but empathetic support in the form of coffee or food during long writing hours when I can’t step away.


I am thankful of the role that lets me serve the people in need.


I am thankful for my family. I am thankful for the job I have as I get to do what I love.


I am thankful for everything, but most importantly my family and my mother that live in Malaysia; to love and to be loved by them is a blessing. Also thankful to work with wonderful people in WRQC; wonderful leaders, wonderful team.


I am thankful for good music.


Words will never be able to capture how grateful I am for the entire team at World Relief Quad Cities. The dedication, passion, and love is seen everyday through all the work and support they give to our families. It is an honor to lead and work alongside a team that is dedicated to fulfilling a mission and calling to serve refugees. My heart is filled with thanks and appreciation for all the volunteers that have put in countless hours to help us accomplish our work and welcome and love new families to the Quad Cities. I am humbled at the support we have received from our community. This Thanksgiving, I thank YOU!

Laura Fontaine, Executive Director

Thank you all for making the Quad Cities a welcoming and loving community where all people from all countries, faiths, walks of life, political and social views are accepted, loved, and treated as equals. Blessings to you and your family this Thanksgiving from the World Relief Quad Cities team.

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