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Change That Lasts

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At World Relief, we know you long to see lives transformed — we do, too. That’s why we’re inviting you to be a part of creating change that lasts around the world.

When you take action with World Relief, you become a part of:

Group of people standing at a table in Africa with Change That Lasts branding


to critical needs in the wake of natural disasters in places like Turkey, Syria and Haiti, even after headlines fade.


local pastors in places like Malawi and Burundi as they create more inclusive communities for persons with disabilities.


refugees across the U.S. who are rebuilding their lives alongside local World Relief volunteers, churches and partners.

Jesus drew near to us so we could draw near to others in their greatest season of need.
Will you give today?

Donation frequency: MonthlyOnce

Giving Handle Monthly 1
$25/mo over a year

can provide a family with bedding kits in the wake of a natural disaster

Giving Handle Monthly 2
$40/mo over a year

can provide English classes for 2 newly arrived refugees in the U.S.

Giving Handle Monthly 3
$80/mo over a year

can provide a 10-day workshop for community and church leaders on child protection in Malawi

Giving Handle 1

can provide a month’s worth of clean drinking water to a family in the wake of a natural disaster

Giving Handle 2

can provide tutoring to an immigrant or refugee student giving them confidence to succeed in school

Giving Handle 3

can train 5 church leaders in Africa to create change in their local communities

Did you know?

Monthly givers are essential in creating change today,
next month, next year and for generations to come.

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