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The Path

Join us as we forge the path to lasting change.

Today, millions around the world are suffering as a result of extreme poverty, violence, oppression, disasters and mass displacement. This endless cycle of suffering is overwhelming. And too often, it feels as though it’s neverending, leaving many of us sad, frustrated and confused. 
If you’re like us, you want to see an end to this cycle. To find a path forward toward lasting change. And to bring hope, healing and restoration to those that are hurting. 
Here’s the good news. By joining The Path, you can.
The Path is a community of people just like you who are committed to embarking upon the journey to lasting change. When you sign up to join The Path, you’ll be: 


We’ll equip you with the information you want and need to better understand the problems facing our world and how you can be part of the solution. Through exclusive updates and insider news, you’ll be empowered to take meaningful action.



We’ll connect you to our staff, volunteers, and beneficiaries all over the world through virtual events, prayer chains and social media. You’ll find community and belonging within our family right here at home.



You’ll receive stories of hope and compelling impact reports that prove how your commitment to the journey has transformed the lives of the most vulnerable, inspiring you to continue leaning in as a compassionate agent of change.

The fight for change isn’t just a moment — it’s a movement. And we need people like you to help us forge the path.  
“I have been giving a portion of my monthly income to World Relief since I was a freshman in college (36 years ago). I am not physically able to come alongside the hurting all around the world, but I can financially support this organization who does. It is my way of showing God’s love to others and thanking Him for the great gifts He has given me.” - Marie Holst, Minnesota 
At World Relief, we’ve been partnering with people just like you to end extreme poverty and protect the most vulnerable around the globe for over 75 years. When you sign up to join The Path, your monthly gift becomes a powerful tool in the fight for lasting change. Your commitment allows us to:

Respond to Urgent Needs

In the wake of disasters and crises like the COVID-19 pandemic, we work through our global network of churches and local volunteers to respond to emergency humanitarian needs in the form of cash assistance, food & water, shelter and psychosocial support, to name a few.


Deliver Life-Changing Programs

In partnership with local churches and communities, we deliver holistic programs that address the full spectrum of human needs - economic, physical, social and spiritual - to create long-term stability and move people beyond surviving, to thriving.


Build Foundations

Oftentimes, communities already have the resources needed to drive change from within. We work alongside local churches and community leaders to uncover those existing strengths and harness their assets to implement change in their communities and beyond, long after we depart.

The work we do together today ensures that the most vulnerable will be better off tomorrow.
Will you journey with us on the path to lasting change?
World Relief | South Sudan, Unity State

$25 // Sends 1 child to school in South Sudan


$50 // Sponsors a training on anti-human trafficking awareness


$100 // Gives a refugee child a school uniform and supplies for a year

World Relief - Seattle 2018

The work we do together today ensures that the most vulnerable will be better off tomorrow.

The Path FAQ

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