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World Relief Responds

We need your urgent help today.

Earthquakes in Turkey. Drought in Kenya. Conflict in Ukraine and DR Congo.

Today, millions around the world are suffering as a result of urgent humanitarian crises.
Whether it be war, refugee crises or a global pandemic, World Relief is responding, and you can join us.

Turkey and Syria


Early in the morning on February 6, two massive earthquakes hit Turkey and Syria. Thousands have already lost their lives, and the damage to infrastructure is catastrophic — including in regions already devastated by years of war in Syria. 

World Relief is responding to provide immediate assistance through our network of long-standing partners and churches in the region. You can help us reach more people in need by responding with us today.

Will you give today to rush help to Turkey and Syria?



It’s been more than a year since Russia invaded Ukraine Since then, more than 8 million Ukrainians have been displaced. In the wake of this crisis, many of you responded generously to welcome Ukrainians to the United States and provide emergency assistance in Eastern Europe.

While the crisis has faded from headline news, the war continues, and World Relief continues to respond. As we entered a new fiscal year, World Relief established a permanent presence in Ukraine, leveraging our decades of experience working in current- and post-conflict environments to build adaptable, church-led initiatives that will enable us to meet needs as they arise. What’s more, our U.S. offices continue to come alongside Ukrainians who are arriving in the United States, connecting them with vital services and welcoming communities they need to recover to adjust to life in the U.S.

When you give today, you help us meet urgent needs and build lasting solutions in places like Ukraine?

Will you give today to rush help to Ukrainians?

[If you are a Ukrainian in the U.S. seeking information about legal services, family reunification, or humanitarian assistance in Poland, you can find more information on our Ukrainian community support page, here.]

Other Current Responses

Democratic Republic of the Congo


Afghan Crisis

Democratic Republic of the Congo


Since late August 2022, renewed clashes between armed rebel group M23 and DR Congo's military forces have triggered a widespread humanitarian crisis in the country's eastern region. Tens of thousands of vulnerable families have been driven from their homes and forced into the nearby territories of Kitagoma, Nyiragongo and Goma. 

World Relief is responding by working with trusted, in-country partners to provide emergency food aid to vulnerable families impacted by this crisis. 

An estimated 10 million people are currently in need of urgent humanitarian assistance including food, shelter and medical care. 

Will you give today to help us respond to urgent needs like these in DR Congo?

Will you give today to help us respond to these urgent needs?



Turkana County, Kenya, is once again facing severe drought and famine following poor and significantly delayed rains. Decreased rainfall over the last year has resulted in low crop yield,  and more than 1.4 million animals have died. Many water points have dried up or diminished in quality, heightening the risk of water-borne diseases and conflict over limited resources. Over 40% of Turkana County is in dire need of food assistance and over 650,000 children are expected to suffer from acute malnutrition in 2021 - a number that is only expected to grow. 


Immediate intervention is needed to save lives and support early action so that the situation does not continue to deteriorate. Turkana is generally the least served by aid actors, and World Relief Kenya is one of the only humanitarian organizations with a long-term presence and relationship in Turkana North.


Will you give today as we respond to crises in Kenya and around the world?

Will you give today as we respond to provide food, water and other life-saving interventions?

Afghan Crisis

Afghan vilage

We all remember the headlines coming out of Afghanistan this past August when the Taliban took control of Kabul, and 53,000 Afghans were airlifted to the United States. 

Many of you wanted to help, so you partnered with World Relief. Together, we have helped welcome and resettle more than 2,300 Afghan women, men and children, providing comprehensive services designed to help them adjust and ultimately thrive. Thank you!

Today, the need continues. In the next month, World Relief expects to resettle an additional 1,000 Afghans. This level of activity requires more — more staff, more volunteers, more churches, more prayer and more partners like you. Together, we can make a difference and welcome those who have had to flee their homes. 

Explore more resources for our Afghan neighbors, partners and volunteers here


Together we can make a difference

Volunteer with your local office and support immigrants from places like Ukraie, DR Congo, Afghanistan and more.

Advocate and call on Congress to pass the Afghan Adjustment Act and continue providing assistance in Urkaine.

When you give, you impact the reception and resettlement of refugee neighbors across the country as well as promote peace and justice in violence-stricken regions like Ukraine around the world.

Sadly, there are no quick fixes for these problems. If you’re like us, you want to be a part of the solution, to find a path forward to lasting change and to bring hope, healing and restoration to those who are hurting.


Here’s the good news. By joining The Path, you can!


The Path is a community of people just like you who want to respond when disaster strikes. When you join the Path, your monthly gift can provide immediate humanitarian aid and ongoing support to families in the wake disasters and crises. The work we do together today will ensure the most vulnerable will be better off tomorrow. 


Together, let us provide hope, healing and restoration to the suffering.
Let us create change that lasts.

Your gift has the power to save lives. Here are just some of the things your money can do.
little boy smiling out window

$40 // Secures one night of shelter for a child at the U.S-Mexico border

woman reading

$65 // Sponsors a week of english classes for an immigrant in the U.S.

SCOPE Haiti Photo

$120 // Provides immediate relief to a Haitian family in need through emergency shelter, food, hygiene kits and medical supplies

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