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For those experiencing vulnerability, the journey is long. Help us pave the path to lasting change.
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You can stand with the vulnerable for years to come.

Let love be your legacy.

You can put World Relief in your will today.
You can set up a trust or charitable gift annuity that serves vulnerable people around the world.
Your IRA Rollover can create lasting change this year.
At World Relief, we believe that your generosity should create lasting change, and that you deserve to feel confident about where you’re putting your God-given resources. That’s why, for over 75 years, across 100 countries, we’ve been perfecting a sustainable model of work that ensures your gift is truly transformative for millions of suffering people around the world. When you give, we’ll ensure your generosity leads to real and lasting change. So, please give to World Relief today and join our family of changemakers.

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