Today, over 735 million people live in extreme poverty, on less than $1.90 a day. 

Extreme poverty isn’t just about economic hardship and lack of opportunity. It also puts these most vulnerable at severe risk of malnutrition, chronic illness, disease, violence and abuse.

But together, we can change that.

With your help, we’re bringing churches, community leaders and volunteers together to reverse the vicious cycle of poverty, through programs in: 



Health & Nutrition


Child Development

Water and Sanitation


If you’re like us, you believe that communities should be empowered to create and lead their own change. That’s why we focus on bringing together local pastors and community leaders to discuss the challenges their communities face, identify and share their resources, and join together in vision-casting for their communities. Our programs then equip them with practical learning and tools to improve their lives and bring hope to their communities 

We believe that God gave us a plan to save our broken world, and that it begins with his church, and his people, leading the way.  When you give today, you help us empower and equip thousands of churches around the world to fight back against poverty and the suffering it perpetuates.

“Before World Relief, our churches were segregated and our communities divided. World Relief helped us understand that we are many parts of one body, and that we must come together in unity to serve the most vulnerable and the suffering in our community. Now we share in our community’s burdens. We take care of one another. We’ve set action plans and goals, so we know we can sustain this work even when World Relief leaves.” - Rwandan Pastor 

Your gift has the power to save lives. Here are just some of the things your money can do*:

Provide seeds for 1 year for a family - $60

Sponsor a church volunteer training- $170

Sponsor a women’s saving group - $110

Send 20 children to kids clubs - $220

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