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8 Ways We’ve Been Working with Refugees Throughout Our History

June 4, 2024 | Comments Off on 8 Ways We’ve Been Working with Refugees Throughout Our History
8 ways we help refugees

Over the last 80 years, the work we’ve done together at World Relief has been defined by supporting those who have been displaced by conflict and global crises. Today, we’re looking back on our legacy of working with refugees and displaced people across the globe.

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Designed image with text that says was Jesus a refugee

Was Jesus a Refugee?

March 2, 2023

“Jesus Was a Refugee.” Recently, I’ve seen that message all over — on billboards, TV ads, on t-shirts, debated on…

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Compassion & Advocacy

February 8, 2023

by Hunter West // Last December I took a trip to the U.S.-Mexico border, led by Abara, a nonprofit faith-based…

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7 Ways to Love Your Neighbor

January 17, 2023

In Rwanda we have a saying — “Ifuni ibagara ubucuti ni akarenge.” This literally means, “a hoe that cultivates friendship…

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Welcoming the Stranger by Opening their Home and Their Hearts: Q&A with Tim and Gretchen Foley

November 30, 2022

By Nathan Spencer // How we answer God’s command to welcome the stranger varies from person to person. For Tim…

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Peace like Breath

Peace like Breath

September 29, 2022

These days, peace feels hard to find. International conflicts, ongoing fall-out from COVID-19 and climate disasters can all disrupt our…

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The Humber Lion

The Humble Lion

July 1, 2022

Samaki mkunje angali mbichi – Bend the fish when it is still wet and fresh Mauridi Masumbuko admits that he…

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