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“Letter From a Refugee” film released

Letter From A Refugee by Sachi Dely from VerveFilms on Vimeo.

Film Synopsis & credits

Unfortunate circumstances in Afghanistan in the summer of 2021 forced many people to leave their beloved country. Sachi Dely, an artist based out of Greensboro, NC, experienced something similar two decades ago in Vietnam. Through this visual poem, Sachi renders advice to new refugees to rekindle hope and faith.

A Film by Aby Rao

Music by Kai Engel – Caeli//Soli

About Sachi Dely

Sachi, who currently resides in Greensboro, North Carolina, is an indigenous Asian-American artist born in Dak Mil Province in Southern Vietnam. At the age of two, her family fled Vietnam due to religious persecution and other human rights violations against indigenous people. Her family lived in two separate refugee camps in Cambodia before immigrating to the United States of America as refugees in 2002. 

Sachi’s art site:

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