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3 Things to Know About the Humanitarian Crisis in Haiti

The humanitarian crisis unfolding in Haiti is severe. For over 35 years, we at World Relief have been committed to working alongside local Haitian churches tackling some of the most pressing needs in their communities — this challenging time is no exception. 

Here are three things we think you should know about the humanitarian crisis in Haiti and how, together, we can respond

1. What’s happening in Haiti? 

The country of Haiti has long endured a struggle for national stability, beset by earthquakes, economic trials and political upheaval. In 2024, these challenges have reached an unprecedented climax. 

The postponement of a national election in February 2024 exacerbated tensions and unrest that began with the assassination of President Jouvenal Moïse in July 2021, shortly followed by the 7.2-magnitude earthquake in August 2021. Since then, inflation of goods and fuel continues to rise, political demonstrations have become frequent and gang violence has endangered the whole nation.

The surge in political unrest and gang-related violence has now engulfed the capital city, Port-au-Prince, unleashing extreme levels of social turmoil. According to the United Nations’ Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OHCA), an estimated 362,000 Haitians are currently displaced within the country, 160,000 of whom are from the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area. At least 50% of health facilities are non-functional and 4.97 million people are experiencing, or are expected to experience, acute food insecurity in the coming months.

Millions are suffering in Haiti. You can rush help to them today!

2. What are the most urgent humanitarian needs in Haiti? 

As violence continues to escalate, an increasingly desperate humanitarian crisis is unfolding in Haiti. With few places to turn for help, the most vulnerable, particularly women and children, are in desperate need of food, clean water, sanitation and hygiene facilities, shelter and medical care.

Amid the looming threat of famine in the country, World Relief Haiti is already responding to the humanitarian crisis with initiatives focused on providing clean water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), economic empowerment and protection to the most vulnerable. 

In Port-au-Prince, we stand prepared to intervene alongside churches and other partners to provide and care for those who have been displaced. Programming includes:

  • WASH: Providing 12,900 people, particularly those in internally displaced persons (IDP) settlements, with access to clean water through water trucks and jerry can distributions. Additionally, water purification tablets and soap will be distributed to help protect against the spread of cholera and other water-borne illnesses.
  • Economic Empowerment: Providing vulnerable families in Port-au-Prince with access to essential food and household supplies through cash transfers. 
  • Protection: Focusing on protecting the most vulnerable, including women and children, and addressing the needs of marginalized populations through tailored community support and targeted distribution systems. 

3. How can you help people in Haiti? 

As followers of Christ, we are called to respond during times of crisis. While others have withdrawn from the country amidst the current hardships, World Relief Haiti remains — but we need your help to bring relief and hope to innocent people who are enduring the unimaginable. 

Today, you can answer God’s call to care for those who are experiencing vulnerability in Haiti by… 

Like you, we are heartbroken and grieved alongside those suffering in Haiti — but there’s much we can do to respond today. With your support, we can respond to this humanitarian crisis by providing critical aid in the form of clean water, economic empowerment and protection to the people of Haiti. 

Hear an update on the situation and our response from World Relief Haiti Director, Pascal Bimenyimana.

Together, we can be the hands and feet of Jesus in the lives of those who are suffering. Will you join us as we respond to the humanitarian crisis in Haiti today? 

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