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The Situation:

According to the United Nations, the Syrian Refugee Crisis is now one of the largest exoduses in human history that is projected to escalate with the country’s unabated conflict. As of September 2013, the UNHCR reports that nearly 2.2 million persons are affected and 2 million refugees have been displaced, both in Syria and seeking refuge neighboring countries like Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq and Egypt. By the end of 2013, the UNHCR estimates that half of the Syrian population will need humanitarian assistance, including 3.45 million refugees and 6.8 million internally displaced people. Currently, those in displacement camps face overcrowding, inadequate access to basic services, rising rent and food prices and high levels of competition for limited job opportunities. However, many refugees live in urban areas outside of the camps with little to no savings, often dwelling in makeshift shelters without access to running water and heat. The needs of Syrian refugees are physical, psychological, relational and spiritual.

Our Response:

As the needs of refugees continue to grow, so does World Relief’s response. Based on a recent assessment and coordination with our partners on the ground we are developing a strategy to provide much-needed support to thousands of affected Syrian refugee families. Programs would include:

  • Programs to support children and youth who have been separated from their families during the crisis and are in danger of being trafficked
  • Partnership with local organizations and churches to provide non-food items (hygiene kits, cooking utensils, bedding/blankets) to displaced Syrian refugee families and their host families.


How you can Help:

We need your help to carry out our emergency relief work to help World Relief and local churches to stand for the most vulnerable.


We invite you to join us in a campaign for Syrian refugees. We have developed seven major prayer requests that begin to encompass the vast, often immeasurable needs of this vulnerable group. Click here to download these prayer requests.

Monday – Pray for International Aid

  • Sufficient funds to meet the growing humanitarian needs of Syrian refugees
  • Cooperation between organizations and countries providing aid to refugees
  • A growing on-the-ground presence of organizations and programs to meet holistic needs

Tuesday – Pray for Refugee Health

  • The capacity within camps to meet the physical and mental health needs of arriving refugees, including those experiencing trauma and psychological distress
  • Improved living conditions and sanitation to reduce vulnerability to infection and disease

Wednesday – Pray for Refugee Protection

  • Identification, protection and treatment for vulnerable refugees entering host countries
  • Services and programs to address refugee poverty and humiliation, which are root causes of violence and despair.
  • Services and programs to prevent and treat victims of Sexual Gender-Based Violence (SGBV)

Thursday – Pray for Refugee Poverty & Food Security

  • Programs and opportunities that will prevent refugees from engaging in negative coping mechanisms as a means of income or to provide food for their families
  • Food security for refugees

Friday – Pray for Refugee Shelter

  • Sufficient, dignified housing for refugees living in informal, makeshift shelters
  • Improvement of current settlements as winter approaches
  • Capacity in resettlement camps to meet the projected influx of refugees in the coming year

Saturday – Pray for Refugee Women

  • A tailored response to protect women and girls from various forms of SGBV
  • Identification and treatment for women and girls who are victims of this kind of violence
  • Growing availability and accessibility of services to meet the unique needs of women and girls

Sunday – Pray for Refugee Children

  • The well-being and protection of all vulnerable children affected by the conflict in Syria.
  • The well-being and protection of displaced children, inside and outside of Syria.
  • Schools in Syria and host countries that must increase capacity to educate thousands of new refugee children
  • Protection of unaccompanied refugee children and reconciliation with families


Through the provision of relief supplies, World Relief aims to enable people to maintain their health and well-being throughout the evolving humanitarian crisis in Syria. World Relief is helping to provide resources to both refugees fleeing Syria and host families.





We have developed seven major prayer requests that begin to encompass the vast, often immeasurable needs of this vulnerable group.

Click here to download these prayer requests.


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