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World Relief   Stand for the Vulnerable

Ride 365 A 5 Day 365 Mile Bike Ride

To raise funds to support World Relief programs in Malawi and Cambodia, as well as raise awareness of the needs of the people, especially women and children, in those countries.

Learn more about the local Women Who Stand that are participating.


Human trafficking is on the rise in Cambodia and the desperate circumstances of some families make them easy targets for exploitation. World Relief works with local churches to train their members to recognize the signs of trafficking and to provide assistance to those rescued from traffickers. Adults and teenagers attend interactive teaching sessions where they learn to identify and respond to the schemes used by traffickers, to protect younger, more vulnerable children and to serve as advocates within their families.

In Malawi HIV/AIDS has devastated the country leaving over a million orphans and vulnerable children. Churches, trained by World Relief, are guiding youth to stop the spread of AIDS by adopting God’s plan for healthy relationships. Youth are also learning leadership skills that will enable them to positively influence their peer groups.


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