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Celebrating Hope + Embracing Welcome

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Virtual Zoom Event

Date & Time

April 12,2023 1-2pm ET

Join Matthew Soerens, Vice President of Advocacy and Policy, for a reflective conversation on “embracing welcome” in light of the hope we have received through Resurrection Sunday. We will be joined by Daniel Montañez and Aaron Engler as we explore both the personal and corporate call we have as Christians to care for the foreigner among us.

About our speakers


Daniel Montañez

Daniel is the author of "The Church and Migration" and founder and director of the Mygration Christian Conference. He is also currently pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy in Theology, Ethics & Philosophy at Boston University while serving as a professor of theology and ethics and the director of the Migration Crisis Initiative for the Church of God.


Aaron Engler

As the former Founding Pastor of Highrock North Shore, Aaron spearheaded the launch of Open Door Immigration Services, the first church-based immigration legal clinic started by the Evangelical Covenant Church denomination. Aaron currently serves as Vice President of Commercial Nonprofit Banking at Bremer Bank (Minneapolis, MN).

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