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Empowered to Empower – Consolee’s Story

Consolee is 37 years old, married and a mother of two sons. Like many vulnerable people in Rwanda, she and her family did not realize the importance of integrating vegetables into their diet or using mosquito nets to prevent the spreading of disease.
Empowered, educated and trained local care group volunteers visited Consolee in her home and delivered messages about the importance of adopting all of these practices to promote good health.

Consolee Farming

Today, Consolee lives very differently to protect herself and her family from disease and malnutrition. “I cannot prepare a meal anymore without vegetables,” she said, “which is the reason why I build two kitchen gardens, one for carrots and another for amaranths.” (Amaranth is a plant that yields grain and serves as a leafy vegetable).

Consolee’s entire family sleeps using Mosquito nets to protect themselves against Malaria and makes hand-washing a regular habit.

Consolee and family

Now, Consolee is transforming other families to live similarly. “Today, I am an example in my church for good hygiene. Sometimes during the church mother group meeting, I’m given time to transmit messages about hygiene issues,” she said.

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