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The Workshop

A Collective E-Learning Space for Individuals and Teams



You long to walk alongside newcomers as they build lives in your community. It’s a beautiful   process that’s also full of complex challenges. Finding the right resources and tools to support refugees & other immigrants can feel nearly impossible. That’s why World Relief created The Workshop. 

 Whether you’re a volunteer, church, employer, educator or neighbor & friend, when you need support, The Workshop is your partner in welcome. 

 Our practical online courses combine decades of expertise from World Relief staff, volunteers and immigrants on a variety of topics – and make them available to you anytime.  Whether you’re navigating cultural and relational challenges, or looking for practical, skills-based tools, learn what you need and apply it immediately.

Explore Our Most Popular Courses

Intro to Resettlement

If you want to understand the refugee resettlement process, World Relief’s role and how you can support resettlement in your community, this course is the place to begin!

Navigating Friendships

Develop the skills to build empowering, long-lasting friendships with those who may differ from you in culture, socio-economic status, and religion, as well as best practices for supporting a friend who lives with trauma.

Ukrainian Culture Guide

Get to know Ukrainian culture and discover how to build effective and mutually enriching relationships with your new Ukrainian friends.

Afghan Culture Guide

Explore the common elements of Afghan culture and develop a foundation for healthy and effective relationships with Afghans.

Welcoming the Stranger

Based on the book Welcoming the Stranger by Matthew Soerens & Jenny Yang. Explore the topic of immigration from a biblical perspective.

What People are saying about The Workshop

“I genuinely enjoyed the training we were provided with. I feel that it did an excellent job of preparing us with what to expect when teaching another person.”

- Divya, ESL Volunteer

“This was a great collection of videos and more thorough training than I received even for an online teaching position I have.”

- Kristi, ESL Volunteer

“I would recommend this to a friend! I love that this training encourages a strengths based perspective, and gives practical advice on how to best engage with these youth.”

- Katie, Youth Mentor and Tutor


The Workshop courses are designed to create a learning community where worldviews can be discussed and challenged and where individuals can gain skills and knowledge. Each class has a different focus. You can create your own schedule of courses depending on what and how you want to learn.

Introduction to World Relief
Intro to Resettlement
Intro to Resettlement
Navigating Friendships
Culture Guide
Culture Guide
Course Thumbnails
Bundle: Welcoming the Stranger Small Group Experience

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