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Immigration Legal Services

The path to lawful immigration status for potential new citizens is fraught with numerous hurdles and frequent changes. Access to affordable legal services continues to fall woefully short of meeting the demand, despite the fact that many struggle to navigate this path without expert advice.

As a result, many immigrants in the U.S. today remain in legal limbo, unable to step fully into the privileges and benefits of citizenship, and held back due to the legal barriers that prevent them from fully living out their potential as contributing members of their communities.

But together, we can address this challenge.

Our Work

World Relief’s staff of legal practitioners at local Immigration Legal Services (ILS) programs provide high-quality direct legal services to help eligible clients apply for citizenship, asylum, DACA, permanent residence, family reunification, work authorization, Temporary Protected Status, Special Immigrant Visas, and more.

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National Immigration Programs

  In 2023, our team


Supported local World Relief ILS programs serving 11,712 clients

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Supported 36 ILS programs across the United States

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Equipped 182 participants in Basic Immigration Law Training

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What We Do

The National Immigration Programs team expands access to justice and strengthens the delivery of high-quality legal services through World Relief’s ILS programs and affiliate members of its church-based Legal Support Network. The team provides technical legal assistance, training, policy and programmatic guidance, legal updates, support in the Department of Justice (DOJ) Recognition and Accreditation process, and other resources to help ILS programs flourish. Each year, we offer Basic Immigration Law trainings in virtual and in-person formats for individuals seeking to become immigration law practitioners.

Our Services

Technical Legal Assistance

DOJ Recognition & Accreditation Support

Legal Updates & Training

Meet Our Team

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Robyn Brown

Director of Immigration Programs

Emily Tortorella
Emily Tortorella

Field Support Manager

Laura Pontius
Laura Pontius

Training and Technical Assistance Manager

Makayla Fulmer
Makayla Samayoa

Legal Network Coordinator

Sarah Bankard
Sarah Bankard

Network Capacity Manager

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World Relief ILS Programs and Legal Support Network Sites

Looking for Immigration Legal Services?

If you are looking for legal advice or representation in your area, please contact your nearest World Relief ILS program below or one of our Legal Support Network affiliate sites on the map above.

World Relief ILS Programs



North Carolina







If you cannot find an office near where you live, you can visit the Immigration Advocates Network Legal Directory.

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