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Immigration Legal Services

Immigration legal services around the nation are supported through World Relief's National Immigration Programs team through the provision of  excellent technical legal assistance and Department of Justice Recognition and Accreditation support. The team also provides legal updates, policy advisories, and ongoing legal training to World Relief ILS offices and affiliate nonprofit immigration legal services sites who make up our Legal Support Network.

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World Relief ILS Offices

Legal Support Network Affiliate Sites

If you cannot find an office near where you live, you can visit the Immigration Advocates Network Legal Directory. 

World Relief's National Immigration Programs Team

In order to practice immigration law, nonprofits need to have an attorney on staff or be recognized by the Department of Justice (DOJ). Full accredited representative status allows one to represent clients at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), Immigration Court, or at the DOJ without being an attorney. Partial accredited representative status limits one to representation at USCIS and does not allow that individual to represent clients at Immigration Court or the DOJ. World Relief Immigration Programs team supports immigration practitioners in three main areas: technical legal assistance, DOJ recognition and accreditation support, and legal updates and training.

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We offer technical legal assistance for non-attorney nonprofits serving in immigration legal services. When practitioners have substantive legal questions regarding their cases, they can access our team of immigration lawyers who are experienced in immigration practice. We offer DOJ Recognition and Accreditation support, helping organizations apply for DOJ recognition, assisting representatives with their accreditation applications, and assisting in renewal applications. We also offer legal updates and practice advisories through our weekly newsletter. Additionally, we offer a full year of live webinars on a range of topics on immigration law, practice, and office procedures. Each year, we offer Basic Immigration Law trainings, both online and in person for individuals seeking to become immigration practitioners.

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