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Our Afghan allies need help. Together we can respond!
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A full-scale invasion of Ukraine is underway. Lives are in danger and families are being forced to flee. Together, we can respond.
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Welcome Kits

Put together a couple of kits at home or organize your community to do a drive.

For an easier-to-store option that lets families select their own items, mail or deliver gift cards to our office!

Thank you for supporting newly arrived families with Welcome Kits!

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Step 1: Download the Lists

Welcome Kits provide the basic household items people need as they begin a new life in our community.

Household Items Kit

Back to School Kit

Travel Kit


Step 2: Mobilize

Share the list and start assembling your kits! Packing everything in plastic containers with lids and labeling your kit makes storage and delivery easier.

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Step 3: Deliver your kits

Once your kits are ready, deliver them to our office anytime Mon-Fri, 9am-4pm. We're still closed to the public, but please leave them by the inner door.

More tips for a successful Welcome Kit Drive

  • Pre-make bins with the kit lists taped to the outside. It makes it easier to remember to actually fill it up and bring it back AND the bins come in handy during apartment setups.
  • Host a packing party where people bring supplies and assemble the kits together. You can also make "Welcome to our community" greeting cards.
  • Gift cards needed!
  • Deliver or mail gift cards to our office so new arrivals can use them to select their own items. Gift cards are also easier to store!
  • Cards for $25-$50 to Amazon, Safeway, Fred Meyer, WinCo, Target, and Goodwill are especially helpful.

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