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Stand in Solidarity with the People of Ukraine

 We grieve for our Ukrainian neighbors and pray for their safety.

Many of you have been expressing solidarity and support for the Ukrainian people. Over one million Ukrainians have already fled Ukraine. The United Nations estimates that up to 5 million Ukrainians may flee abroad. World Relief Western Washington has already resettled over 2,000 Ukrainian refugees since 2014, and we stay committed to welcoming refugees and asylees who are fleeing persecution.

We invite you to pray for peace, for the safety and wellbeing of individuals and families fleeing Ukraine, and for Ukrainians throughout our community whose family members are affected by the crisis.


Ukrainian Community Support

We are ready to receive those who arrive in the US as refugees, and are providing assistance to those already in the United States who are desperately seeking help for their families. We’re also working with partners in the regions in and around Ukraine to provide assistance on the ground.

If you are a Ukrainian in the United States seeking information about legal services, family reunification, or humanitarian assistance for displaced family, you can find more information on World Relief's Ukrainian Community Support page:

Lautenberg Information Session | Інформаційна сесія про програму Лаутенберга

Information Session: U.S. Immigration Options for Ukrainians

How You Can Help Immigrant & Refugee Families


You can build meaningful relationships and make a practical difference by giving your time to serve those in your community.


By using your voice to seek justice and mercy, you can influence people in positions of power to protect the most vulnerable.


You can make our community a welcoming place where families can thrive and help sustain our life-changing services.

Together, we can walk with the suffering and create communities of love and welcome.

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