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A full-scale invasion of Ukraine is underway. Lives are in danger and families are being forced to flee. Together, we can respond.
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Whatcom County Resettlement

To connect with our Whatcom resettlement efforts, email or call 360-320-6407. 

Today, there are over 80 million people around the globe who have been forced, or made the painful choice, to leave their home. Threatened by extreme poverty, violence, and oppression, they leave behind everything familiar to seek a life free from fear.

Thousands of people with refugee, asylum and other immigration statuses come to the United States every year seeking a place to rebuild their lives.

Together, we can help.

We are thrilled to share that we received official approval in September, making us one of the first new proposed World Relief sites to gain recognition as a refugee resettlement location!


You can designate your funds to Whatcom County resettlement now, via World Relief Western Washington. Here's how:


1. Choose whether you want to



2. Enter the amount you would like to contribute

3. IMPORTANT - Choose “3. Whatcom County Refugee Resettlement” from the drop-down box

4. Fill in your credit card or e-check info and click "Process"


Checks for Whatcom County refugee resettlement can be sent to

World Relief Western Washington
23835 Pacific Hwy S Suite 100
Kent, WA 98032

Make the check out to "World Relief" and be sure to put "Whatcom County refugee resettlement" in the memo line.


Refugee resettlement agencies operate on a mix of government funds, grants and private donations. The government funds and grants often cover the most basic needs of refugees upon being resettled—the first few months’ worth of expenses, essentially—but private donors are essential to an agency that seeks to provide holistic care. Privately raised funds enable agencies to expand and strengthen the services they provide beyond the basics to walking alongside refugees as they integrate and flourish in their new community.

Donate Now

Your generosity makes a transformative and lifelong impact.  When you give, you are investing in our welcoming community.

Housing Survey

Housing - both temporary and long-term, is essential for newly arriving refugees. This form aims to collect some basic data on housing being offered by generous folks like yourself.

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When you speak up and contact your elected officials, you can support policies that protect people in vulnerable situations around the world and in the U.S.

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Learning Resources

Check out these resources for further learning. Each have been suggested by panelists, volunteers, and other organizations partnered with World Relief.

World Relief - Seattle 2018

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An Insider’s Perspective on Refugee/Asylee Resettlement

Our first webinar—“An Insider’s Perspective on Refugee/Asylee Resettlement”—was well-attended, with over 50 devices connected for an hour-long session last week.  Our panelists were two individuals who have experienced refugee resettlement from “the inside” as refugees/asylum seekers themselves.  Zoom recording below. (Unfortunately the first few minutes of the call were not recorded—apologies for the inconvenience)

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