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Extended Case Management

Having fled poverty, persecution, and war, refugees, asylees, and other immigrants often arrive in the United States with high hopes of building a better life for themselves and their children.

Upon arrival, and even after several months or years, many immigrants continue to face a staggering number of challenges as they seek to rebuild their lives. Not only do some families have many tangible needs to meet, such as housing, transportation, employment, and health care, but they also face a number of intangible challenges as they learn to navigate a foreign culture, far away from their friends and family. Many struggle with feelings of isolation, despair, anxiety, and depression.

World Relief’s extended case management is designed to help individuals overcome these barriers so they can not only survive but thrive, in their new home.

Health and Wellness

At World Relief, we know that adjusting to a life in a new country, with new culture, language, and often even different climate takes a while. We also know that needs arise which can’t be addressed by traditional resettlement services. Health and Wellness, works to bridge the gap to provide holistic service to a wide range of people including refugees, asylees, Humanitarian Parolees and Asylum seekers though a variety of programs.


Intensive case management

Intensive case management services for those who still need extra support after their initial resettlement. This may include navigating a complex medical need, finding extra resources in the community or other obstacles that put someone in a particularly vulnerable situation. On average these programs provide 3months-1year of support.


Group Services

This program highlights the power of community and is geared towards building connections and understanding the resources available in your community. Clients enrolled in group services are part of a cohort that meets multiple times a week for several months. On average this program is 8-9 months.


Financial Literacy

Managing finances can be challenging. Financial coaching is offered for those who would like support in creating financial goals and maintaining them.


Gap Services

Gap services address critical needs that are not covered in initial resettlement. One of the gap services provided is light case management for Ukrainian Humanitarian parolees who didn’t qualify for traditional resettlement services. Gap services are likely to change over time depending on the needs seen in the community.


Asylum Seekers

This program provides social services to asylum seekers who are in the process of immigration legal proceedings to gain asylum. World Relief recognizes that there are limited resources for the asylum-seeker community. Through case management asylum seekers can learn services that are available to them and are provided with community connections.


ORIA Housing Stabilization Program 

DSHS Office of Refugee and Immigrant Assistance launched the Housing Stabilization Services program to support eligible refugees and immigrants in financial need of rental assistance. World Relief's ORIA Housing Stabilization program is currently serving the following communities: Asylees, Refugees, SIV’s, UHP and APA’s. All who arrived after July 1st, 2021. Applicants are required to have a lease with a landlord. We also have a roommate form option for applicants to fill out in addition to a W9. This is a month-to-month program which is assessed and based on need which we revisit every month.

World Relief employees in the office in Seattle, WA, October 20, 2022. Sean Sheridan Photographs.
Western WA. World Relief Families-6 - IV
World Relief employees in the office in Seattle, WA, October 20, 2022. Sean Sheridan Photographs.

Serving Clients for Over 40 Years

 For over 40 years, we’ve been providing case management support to refugees and, most recently, other immigrants in vulnerable situations across our communities. Our extended case management team partners with clients to set goals, assess strengths, tackle challenges and connect clients with local resources to help them overcome barriers.


 “I would like to extend my gratitude to you, the great people who have supported me so much during my most challenging times. I appreciate it so much. You have helped me become an independent and self-reliant woman.”

- Selena, WR Client

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