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Ride for Refugee Resiliency


Ride across Washington State in support of refugee resiliency.

SEA TRI KAN is a fully-supported, 5- day, 400-mile bike tour fundraiser to build a welcoming community in Seattle, Tri-Cities, and Spokane.

Refugees are forced to flee their home due to persecution for who they are or what they believe. They arrive to Washington State with great hopes for finding a new home in safety. World Relief works in 3 regions in Washington State to support refugees and other vulnerable immigrants as they bravely start a new life. Every June, we ride across our beautiful state as a demonstration of welcome to those seeking refuge.

Each cyclist will fundraise toward a minimum goal. The funds raised will be TRIPLED by a government match, and then used to provide housing assistance, transportation, English language classes, job skills training, interview & resume preparation, and much more!

Refugees and asylees contribute immensely to the economy and culture of welcoming cities. An investment in a family's first months in America is an investment in your community.

"Receiving newcomers to this country is receiving Jesus. And for me, it's personal. A few generations ago, my own family came from places such as Syria and Italy. The story of the stranger is the story of my faith and of my family. I'm riding to support refugees because I want to continue being part of this unfolding story of welcoming the stranger."

- Luke, STK 2018 cyclist


SEA TRI KAN is designed to be doable for casual cyclists who are wiling to put in some spring training. Half the fun is getting to know each other over breakfast, encouraging each other up hills, and stretching sore muscles at night.


This incredible feat of endurance & community is only possible with a dedicated team of volunteers. We're looking for fun-loving & flexible volunteers for road crew & hospitality support for the 5-day tour. We also rely on one-time snack stop or meal hosts along the way.

Support a Cyclist

Each cyclist will put in hours and hours of training and advocacy to raise money for refugees and asylees in the PNW. Every dollar they raise will be TRIPLED by a government grand and support newly arrived families as they get settled, learn English, and prepare for their first job.

How It Works

What do cyclists love about SEA TRI KAN?

"The support, hospitality and mechanic teams KILLED it! As a rider, I felt fully supported and taken care of."

"Beautiful ride, great cause."

"Meeting other people who are passionate about refugees! Also the scenery and challenge of the ride and the route."

"I can’t pick one thing! I loved the community, the route, the views, the snacks, the volunteer support, the two mechanics were incredible, and I love cycling now"

"I loved the people I got to spend the week with! I usually have to go out of my way to meet new people and remember names, but I am pretty’s sure I learned every single person’s name by the end of Day 4! Mutual “suffering” on the bike for so many hours accelerated the ability to have meaningful conversation with people while riding."

"STK was the best thing I've done so far this year"

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