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What is a Good Neighbor Team?

Today, refugees and other immigrants in the United States are in need of people like you: local community members who will welcome and help them navigate new challenges as they seek to rebuild their lives in the U.S. 

Good Neighbor Teams (GNTs) provide the opportunity to build mutually transformative relationships and to navigate the challenges of resettlement together.

What does a GNT look like for volunteers?

Good Neighbor Teams (GNTs) are community groups that are matched with a refugee or other immigrant newcomer(s) through a local World Relief site. These teams commit to walking alongside newcomers for 6-12 months, helping them achieve stability in their new community through financial, in-kind donations, and volunteer service. 

After onboarding and training with World Relief, GNTs are equipped to take over key responsibilities like conducting airport pick-ups, providing a warm welcome, cultural orientation, arranging housing, supporting access to medical and social services, organizing language tuition and empowering newcomers towards employment. This engagement opportunity is recognized by the federal government as co-sponsorship.

Woman taking oath to become US citizenCurrent U.S. Climate

Currently, resettlement in the U.S. is experiencing a period of high Afghan arrivals, with the expectation of higher refugee arrivals from across the globe this year. With limited and stretched staffing across the country, the United States is focusing on recruiting and training cosponsorship teams (GNTs) to assist with the majority of core service provision to newcomers. We believe co-sponsorship will allow for better community integration and simultaneously increase the capacity of resettlement offices. 

Working with the local community is not only a good strategy, it's at the very heart of our work. We believe that God gave us a plan to address the brokenness in our world, and that it begins with being a good neighbor to people in vulnerable situations. We want to see local churches, businesses, and other groups creating and leading change in their communities.

"Welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you"

Romans 15:7

Steps to Become a GNT


  1. Read through the Good Neighbor Team 2.0 Manual >>
  2. Form a team of 6-10 people who are 18 years or older 
  3. Complete the GNT 2.0 Orientation and Knowledge Check Course >>


  1. Submit Individual Volunteer Application >> 
  2. Complete and receive clearance of all team member’s background checks (link for background checks will be sent after Individual Application is submitted)
  3. Develop and submit the Team Application and Welcome Plan (Important Note: The Team Application must be completed in one sitting, make sure to have the Welcome Plan complete and ready to attach to the Team Application)


  1. Receive application approval from World Relief 
  2. Fundraise the amount stated by World Relief local office (averages $7,500-$15,000) 
  3. Begin onboarding and training 
  4. Submit a Green Light Form and prepare for placement >>


A Volunteer Opportunity Unlike Any Other to Build Just and Welcoming Communities

Let us create change that lasts.

Watch the impact of how the church is welcoming newcomers through World Relief today!

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