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Together, we're rebuilding communities of love and welcome.

We can participate in hope-inspiring relationship with refugees and other immigrants as we rebuild communities of love and welcome across our nation.

Join Us.

Today, there are over 80 million people around the globe who have been forced, or made the painful choice, to leave their homes. Threatened by extreme poverty, violence, and oppression, they leave behind everything familiar to seek a life free from fear.

Thousands of these families look to the United States every year as they search for a safe place to rebuild their lives. A beacon of hope on the world stage.

And yet, recent years have turned many of the most basic human issues into controversial ones. This has only become more true throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Being a compassionate citizen and advocate for the most vulnerable has become a painful and difficult process, further confused by ever-changing policies and practices that have left many of us confused, disempowered and paralyzed into inaction.

The consequences of this have not only left many of us feeling powerless, but also plunged too many of the world’s most vulnerable into greater need, wondering when they will find safety, security and hope.

That’s why we want to give you the opportunity to join us in restoring hope and rebuilding communities of welcome all across our nation!

For over 40 years, World Relief Seattle has welcomed, advocated for, and helped integrate thousands immigrants in vulnerable situations to communities across Western Washington. Our work is informed by the belief that immigrants have an important place in our community and are vital to the success and flourishing of our nation, as well as to our national character.

Now, as we prepare for the refugee cap to increase to 125,000 next year, we enter into a new moment in America. One in which we urgently need your help to rebuild our capacity to welcome, love, and support these brave families.

Here's how you can help!

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Join us as we seek justice and mercy for the most vulnerable in the U.S., using your voices to influence those in positions of power who can save lives. Learn more.

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Join our global network of over 95,000 volunteers positively impacting our world by dedicating your time and resources as a volunteer. Start now.

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Donate today and help (Re)Build with World Relief Seattle with a one-time gift or as a monthly partner.

Now is the time for us to lean in and rebuild our communities, to reclaim who we are, as a welcoming nation, and to reimagine our future. Together, let’s show the world that America is a place of welcome and that we are a people of welcome.

Here are just some of the things your money can do:

$40 // Provide early learning materials for a child in Family Literacy Class.

$75 // Provide a basic phone and one-month data plan for a former detainee released from the ICE Detention Center

$150 // Support a refugee job seeker to prepare for an interview, including resume assistance and professional attire.

$200 // Support an individual to apply for family reunification.

$700 // Provide one digital literacy kit to a refugee family.

$1000 // Support Immigration Legal Service helping immigrants apply for citizenship, DACA, or family reunification.

Donate Now

Your generosity makes a transformative and lifelong impact.  When you give, you’ll join our family of passionate changemakers committed to changing our world.

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