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Cultural Companions

Purpose:  World Relief matches volunteers with specific, newly-arrived refugees and asylees in order to aid them in their adjustment to life in the US.


  • Visit 3-4 times per month (minimum 6 month commitment)
  • Build friendship through visits with refugees and asylees in their home, on video calls, and around the community
  • Practice English conversation
  • Learn about another's culture, values, and experience
  • Explore the local community together
  • Share practical advice and help familiarize refugees and asylees with American culture and customs
  • Communicate consistently with the Cultural Companion Coordinator
  • Track your volunteer hours



  • Sensitivity and openness to persons of culturally diverse backgrounds
  • High degree of patience, understanding, and flexibility
  • Complete the volunteer onboarding process, including the orientations and background check
  • Record and report volunteer hours, as detailed in the Volunteer Orientation
  • Clear time and space in your schedule to meet weekly with a companion


Interested in becoming a cultural companion? The first step is to fill out a volunteer application. Once you submit your application, follow the steps to complete the online orientation and register for a local training.

All volunteers are required to attend both the general and local orientations, complete an application, and undergo a background check before starting. At the training you will learn about World Relief's work, the refugees and immigrants we serve, and what it looks like to come alongside them as volunteers in different roles

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