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For those experiencing vulnerability, the journey is long. Help us pave the path to lasting change.
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  • (2001) World Relief relocated its headquarters to Baltimore, Maryland, under the leadership of Dr. Clive Calver. Within weeks of the move, World Relief responds to the aftermath of the 9-11 terrorist attacks, supporting church-centered trauma counseling services in NYC.
  • (2003) Verhonga – World Relief’s child survival program in Mozambique – reports amazing results: 91% of infants fully vaccinated, 97% of malnourished children receive enriched porridge, and 85% sleep under mosquito nets.
  • (2004) World Relief responds to the catastrophic Asia tsunami, focusing on the hardest-hit region of Aceh Province, Indonesia. World Relief opens its immigration Legal Clinic in Baltimore, providing affordable services to immigrants, including victims of trafficking and domestic violence.
  • (2005) Church teams supported by World Relief respond to Hurricane Katrina, rebuilding homes along the storm-ravaged Gulf Coast and counseling traumatized survivors. Across the globe in war-torn Darfur, World Relief and partners provide relief and care for 35,000 uprooted people.
  • (2009) In Cambodia, World Relief’s Hope program gives birth to more than 800 indigenous cell churches.

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