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For those experiencing vulnerability, the journey is long. Help us pave the path to lasting change.
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  • (2014) World Relief celebrates its 70th birthday and 35 years of refugee resettlement in the United States. In total, World Relief has welcomed over 250 thousand refugees from more than 80 countries.
  • (2014) World Relief partners with MAP International to respond to the largest Ebola epidemic in history. World Relief provides medical training and supplies to those affected by the devastating outbreak in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia.
  • (2014) During a time of unprecedented displacement, World Relief stands with the more than 10 million men, women and children forced from their homes in Iraq and Syria. World Relief works with local churches to provide winter weather gear and trauma healing for the displaced.
  • (2015) World Relief celebrates 20 years of Care Groups. Developed from World Relief’s first Child Survival project in Mozambique, Dr. Pieter Ernst designed a way to reach a large group of people through generating a network of health worker volunteers within each local community. Implemented in over 21 countries, 23 NGOs have adopted this model of caregiving. Dr. Ernst was awarded the 2014 Dory Storms Child Survival Recognition in honor of this lifesaving program.


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