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BEYOND 90 DAYS: Intensive Case Management

By Cade Hajovsky, Fall Intern What Is Intensive Case Management? Not all newly arrived refugees can become self-sufficient and independent in 90 days. Many immigrants need more support. Through our Integration and Wellness department, World Relief provides case management to those struggling to get established. Case managers help clients navigate the health care system, legal…

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Economic Empowerment: Immigration and Jobs

Ronald Reagan once famously said: “The best social program is a job.” It might be overly simplistic, but he’s not wrong. In our experience, the refugees and new arrivals coming to the United States through World Relief very much want to work. They have come for a better life which includes finding meaningful work. Those…

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One Year Later: Erika’s Story

When Russia invaded Ukraine in February last year, Erika Symonenko was working as a salesperson for a garage door company. “I went to Germany right after the war started to help some of my family members [who had fled Ukraine].” When she got back, however, she was desperate to do more. Being Part of the…

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Prayer for Syria and Turkey After Devastating Earthquakes

Join World Relief Spokane in lifting up a prayer for Syria and Turkey. On February 6, 2023, two earthquakes caused enormous destruction. Currently, thousands of people have died and many thousands more are injured or missing. The process of rebuilding homes, businesses, and lives will take many years.  Within our community at World Relief Spokane,…

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Jeanine’s Story

By Lisa Zanoni, World Relief Relationship Manager Editor’s Note: Over the next several months, Lisa will be introducing you to some of our amazing refugee and immigrant friends. Everyone you’ll meet is either a former refugee or a client who received services at World Relief. Lisa is excited to share their stories with you and…

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Jesus Didn’t Show Favoritism

Rich Versus Poor During his short time of public ministry, Jesus was busy. Crowds of 5,000 plus gathered to hear him teach. People brought their sick to be healed, even tearing apart roofs to lower the lame at his feet. People pursued him from one shore to another, trying to anticipate where he would go.…

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It’s The Right thing To Do

If each one of us reflects on our own stories, we can see God clearly leading and moving in our lives. As I reflect on my own story, I see that I started out focused solely on myself. But then I met the Holy Spirit, and God became real to me. I made a firm…

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Anzhella’s Story: Do Unto Others

Image of Angela and her daughter.

“My mom was so grateful. Even for the littlest things, she would say, ‘Thank you God!’ She would appreciate everything.” Anzhella (she goes by Angela here in the United States because people often have trouble pronouncing her given name correctly) came to the US when she was six years old. In addition to a twin…

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