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church change the world

Do you believe the church can change the world?

Vulnerable communities are being changed from the inside out. Local pastors, community members, men and women, whose lives have been transformed economically, physically, socially and spiritually, are now changing their communities through an innovative model called a Church Empowerment Zone (CEZ).

The Church is the largest and broadest social network on the planet. In sub-Saharan Africa, the church is the epicenter of communities, drawing nearly 70% of the population to itself. Because of this, the church and its leaders have unparalleled influence and opportunity to both address the complexity of poverty and identify the underlying causes driving it in their communities.

When you give to World Relief, you’re helping train and equip local churches to catalyze change which results in flourishing individuals, thriving families and healthy communities. Be a part of the transformation.  

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