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Donate to make a positive impact -year end

At World Relief, we know you want to be the hands and feet of Jesus, faithful and courageous to His calling.


In order to do that, you need the opportunity to make a difference. READ MORE

The problem is that in today’s world, the scale of suffering and scope of need are often overwhelming, which makes you feel paralyzed – often into inaction.

Yet we believe there’s another way to respond, and that everyone should have the opportunity to make a difference. We understand your pain and confusion. There are days when our hearts break with you and we yearn to do more. That’s why we’ve been finding ways to connect you to the world’s great needs for over 75 years, across 23+ countries. And that’s why we want to help you find your ‘Yes’ this season.

Journey with us this season as we help you reflect on your calling, discover your role, and give you the opportunity to make a real and tangible difference in the world.
So you can stop sitting on the sidelines of change, and instead begin living a purposeful, courageous life of impact.

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* Your giving ensures sustainability to our work in some of the most vulnerable places in the world. Contributions will be used for the purpose specified by the donor, if any. If in the judgment of World Relief such purpose becomes impossible, impractical, unnecessary, or undesirable, World Relief will use contributions for its general purposes.

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var triggered = false;

function tryToTrackConversion() {

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var myDonation = document.getElementById(‘bboxdonation_divThanks’);

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function getAmount() { //float

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getAmount = getAmount[0];
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cleanCharsAmount = cleanCharsAmount.match(re).toString();
var donationValue = parseFloat(cleanCharsAmount.replace(‘$’,”));

return donationValue;

function getId(){
var idTransaction = $(“.BBFormConfirmationTransactionDetails”)[2].innerHTML;
idTransaction = idTransaction.replace(/\D/g,”);
var idDonation = parseInt(idTransaction);

return idDonation;

var value = getAmount();
var id = getId();

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‘id’: id, // Transaction ID. Required.
‘revenue’: value, // Grand Total.

ga(‘ecommerce:addItem’, {
‘id’: id, // Transaction ID. Required.
‘name’: ‘Year End 2019 – Yes’, // Product name. Required.
‘sku’: ‘20000000’, // SKU/code.
‘category’: ‘Donation’, // Category or variation.
‘price’: value, // Unit price.
‘quantity’: ‘1’ // Quantity.


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