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Each for Equal

While the last two weeks have brought a lot of unexpected change and uncertainty, we know good is still happening and there are things still worth celebrating. March is Women’s History Month and today, we are taking some time to celebrate women and their impact on our lives.

Throughout history, women have played a unique role in the body of Christ — lifting the vulnerable up and proclaiming a message of Christlike love that is good news for all who hear it. Each year, we celebrate women and the value they hold by observing Women’s History Month throughout March and International Women’s Day (IWD) on March 8th.

Embracing women’s voices and valuing their insight as God’s image-bearers is the central point of IWD and one of the many reasons we choose to celebrate each year. Women have a unique lens through which they view the world, including the ways in which they view scripture.

Much of the Bible was written by and given to a community in the margins of society, and women have been in the margins of the church for most of its history. A woman’s perspective enriches biblical study and blesses the church. Women not only read the Bible differently, but they illuminate the stories of women in the Bible with clarity and intentionality, helping other women see themselves in the Scriptures.

In honor of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, Karen Gonzales, World Relief’s Director of Human Resources, has written an e-book that shines a light on women’s stories in the Bible and why women’s theological perspectives matter.

We hope this e-book is not only a welcome and helpful addition to your study of the Bible, but that it provides some additional encouragement while you’re practicing social distancing or sheltering in place.

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