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Emily Ozier | World Relief

EMYO | World Relief

Marisol’s Dress, a new children’s book by Emily Ozier, follows Ozier’s mother and grandmother as they journey from Cuba and the U.S. The book details the challenges and celebrations they encountered along the way. World Relief is honored to partner with Emily as she sheds light on the continued stories of immigration in the U.S.



Emily Ozier, also known as EMYO, is an artist based in Memphis, Tennessee.

Through a series of paintings based on her mother’s experience as a refugee fleeing Cuba in the 1950s, Marisol’s Dress explores the resilience and ingenuity found inside each of us.


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About Emily Ozier a.k.a EMYO

The daughter of a Cuban American, Emily Ozier’s expressive style and bold strokes may find their origins in her Spanish roots. Her Cuban grandfather, a physician, found his escape from the realism of medicine by painting on miniature canvases. These works of art were filled with bold remembrances of the Cuba he escaped. Emily’s mother remembers discovering her daughter was an artist at an early age. Every school notebook of hers was filled with drawings, sketches, and studies of life around. Her drawing for years and years laid the foundation for the painting that would come later in her life. Emily is a graduate of Auburn University and has studied in Italy with an impressionist master, focusing on a method passed down from the impressionist painter John Singer Sargent.

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