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Copy of Facts 2018 – International Women

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Dignity gives her strength. Security offers her hope.
Opportunity leads to her success.



Every woman and girl deserves dignity, security and opportunity—and the chance to live out the full potential God has placed within them.

World Relief works through local churches to care for victims of gender-based violence, train women as health educators in their communities, teach women about agriculture and small business, and provide programs that instill dignity and worth. At the same time, men and boys are taught to value and respect women. When harmful belief systems are dispelled and opportunity is provided, women’s lives are transformed and they become central to the transformation of their communities.

For nearly 75 years, World Relief has empowered women to change the world.

Take the time today to learn about the plight of women in the world around you. Live a life that honors women. Advocate for change. Pray for progress. And give to create a better world for women.


Give to World Relief to create a better world for women.

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