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Support Refugee Children in the Middle East | Refugee Crisis


Did you know that over half of all refugees are children? 

That’s staggering when you consider the 65.3 million people currently displaced worldwide — a number that’s equivalent to 1/5 of the U.S. population. Often it is children who are most at risk during crisis. Displaced children lose much more than their homes. They often lose their childhood, having been prevented from opportunities for play and normal childhood activities. 

World Relief is committed to standing with refugees, specifically refugee children. 

Working with its partners in the Middle East, World Relief is helping provide Kids Clubs for all children, regardless of their religious affiliation. Sometimes meeting in church buildings, and sometimes in nothing more than tents, church and community leaders are providing safe spaces for children to learn, grow, and have fun. While many children of refugee families have little hope of returning home, they must be given the hope and the tools for a new future. Through Kids Clubs, World Relief and its partners dream of bringing healing to an entire generation. Join our network of changemakers and support our work with refugee children in the Middle East.


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