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In Light of Ongoing Violence and Food Insecurities in Sudan, World Relief Gives Aid to Thousands in Need


July 14, 2020
Lauren Carl
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World Relief Sudan Received $4.8 million from Sudan Humanitarian Fund in 2019 to Respond to Humanitarian Crisis in Sudan

BALTIMORE – World Relief, a global humanitarian organization that brings sustainable solutions to alleviate poverty and respond to disasters worldwide, is proud to announce that World Relief Sudan earned the largest amount of funding from the Sudan Humanitarian Fund (SHF) of $4.8 million in 2019. This funding enabled World Relief to provide urgent aid to the estimated 6.9 million people that, according to the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), faced food insecurity during the lean 2019 season. Flooding and violence impede trade and cultivation, putting millions at risk for malnutrition and stunted growth. World Relief continues to invest in sustainable solutions that meet immediate needs while working to build long-term food security.

The SHF is a multi-donor pooled fund established in 2006, which allows humanitarian organizations early and fast response to some of the greatest needs across Sudan. The SHF has been funding World Relief’s projects in Sudan for many years, increasing from of $200,000 total funds in 2015 to $4.8 million in 2019. This past year, World Relief Sudan reached 428,160 beneficiaries in seven localities of West and Central Darfur from the SHF funding alone. The resulting programming includes Health, Nutrition, Food Security and Livelihoods, and Protection.

“The incremental growth of SHF funding is a result of World Relief’s strong presence in the field, our active participation in sectoral coordination meetings which improve our project implementation, and our compliance with all donor requirements,” explains Gemta Birhanu, Sudan Country Director at World Relief. “The World Relief Sudan team’s commitment in the field and improved capacity to deliver project deliverables within the project scope, time, and budget resulted in increased donor trust to fund the organization.”

Since 2004, World Relief Sudan has been on the ground, working to alleviate poverty and stabilize conflict. For decades, Sudan’s westernmost region of Darfur has been troubled by armed conflict. The country’s poverty levels are highest in Darfur, with almost two-thirds of the population falling below the poverty line. Human development indicators are among the worst in Africa. The delivery of essential services like health, nutrition, education and water have been severely compromised, not just by the conflict but by the limited human and financial resources available to the region.

“We are proud of World Relief Sudan’s accomplishment and for its commitment to serve the people of Sudan,” said Myal Greene, Senior Vice President of International Programs at World Relief. “This funding is very significant, as it shows great trust in the work that World Relief Sudan is doing in the field. We hope to continue growing our programming and ability to serve the people of Sudan in the upcoming years.”

To learn more about World Relief Sudan, visit here.

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