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Intro Say Yes

The scale of chaos and suffering in our world can often be overwhelming. We know.  

Perhaps you’re not even sure you have the ability to make a real difference. But we believe you do. That’s why we want to help you discover how you might play a meaningful part in overcoming poverty, violence and injustice around the world—so you can live a life of impact, as the hands and feet of Jesus. 


We’ve made it easy to say ‘YES’ this season: 

Reflect on your calling

We’ve created this audio series to give you the time and space you might need to reflect on what God might be calling you to.

Perhaps it’s a tug on your heart. Perhaps it’s a sense of discomfort in your gut.

Here, we’ll help you lean into those feelings and reflect on what they might mean for your life.


Take a step of faith. Trust that your ‘Yes’—whatever it might be—will lead to a fullness of life only God can know.

Perhaps your ‘Yes’ is to World Relief. Perhaps it’s elsewhere.

Whatever and wherever it is, we encourage you to be intentional in your ‘Yes’ this season.

Be the hands and feet of Jesus

Watch what God does with your ‘Yes!’

Perhaps it will change a life. Perhaps it will change the world.

No matter how small your ‘Yes’ might feel–from mustard seed to mountain–we guarantee God will do immeasurably more with it than you could ever ask or imagine.

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