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2020 was a year of incredible change.

Change that was often painful and confusing. But what if, underneath the surface of all that’s been lost, another story exists — one that not only says, “You were made for change,” but you were made to thrive through it.

In this eight-part audio series, you’ll be invited to reflect on change and discover what it means to lean in, look forward and reimagine the future together.

This series was created by members of the World Relief team in collaboration with Jeremy Lopez.

Episode 1: Change Disrupts

Written by Rachel Clair
Change, whether it’s change we choose or change that chooses us, has a habit of shaking things up. And yet, in the middle of this disruption, perhaps we’ll find God inviting us to meet him in it.

Episode 2: Change Lets Go

Written by James Misner
Whether we’re grieving the past or releasing future outcomes, giving up control and embracing the unknown is not an easy thing to do. But what if we were able to sit in the tension of letting go? Might we be able to release what’s behind and trust God with what’s ahead?

Episode 3: Change Unites

Written by Jeff Walser
While the disruptions of this past year have loudly threatened to divide us, change can actually unite us. Change invites us to take a step back and evaluate the role we each can play in building a unified future together.

Episode 4: Change Rebuilds

Written by Nate Riedy
What if disruption could have a purpose? What if the pain of loss could be redeemed? What if something torn down could be rebuilt? Thankfully, God is in the business of rebuilding, restoring, and making all things new.

Episode 5: Change Hopes

Written by Francesca Albano
In the midst of life’s turbulent storms, there is an anchor that still grounds us, a rudder that still steers us. Though it may feel fragile, hope remains. And the truth is, change hopes because God is faithful.

Episode 6: Change Persists

Written by Bethany Seremet
Persistence in the midst of disruption can be a catalyst for lasting change to take place. But in order to persist in creating lasting change, we must also persist in caring for our souls. Our souls need rest, and our souls need reprieve.

Episode 7: Change Reimagines

Written by Karen Gonzalez
Change is God’s vehicle to renew and reimagine our lives. While we can’t know exactly what will happen in the future, we do know who will be with us through it — our good and loving God, the one who can do more than we could ever ask or imagine.

Episode 8: Change Takes Courage

Written by Dana Ohene-Adu
Do not fear is the command most commonly used by God in scripture. And each time he speaks it, he follows it with a promise of his presence and an action he will take. God’s presence gives us the courage to move forward and pave the way for a more just and compassionate world.

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